Western Bluebird

1/100s at f11, ISO:400, Canon Mark II 1Ds w/600mm, 2x converter

The Western Bluebird is a medium-sized thrush. Northern birds migrate to the southern parts of the range; southern birds are often permanent residents. These birds wait on a perch and fly down to catch insects, sometimes catching them in midair. They mainly eat insects and berries. Their breeding habitat is semi-open country across western North America, but not desert areas. They nest in cavities or in nest boxes, competing with Tree Swallows, House Sparrows, and European Starlings for natural nesting locations. Western Bluebirds have been found to enjoy more success with nest boxes than in natural cavities. They started egg laying earlier, had higher nesting success, lower predation rates, and fledged more young in boxes than in cavities but they did not have larger clutches of eggs. Clutch size is 4 to 6.
Rocky Mountain N.P., CO