1/2500s at f5.6, ISO:400, Canon Mark III 1Ds w/800mm

The Sanderling is a small wader. It is a circumpolar Arctic breeder, and is a long-distance migrant, wintering south to South America, South Europe, Africa, and Australia. It is highly gregarious in winter, sometimes forming large flocks on coastal mudflats or sandy beaches. In spring, the birds arrive on the High Arctic breeding grounds, where they lay 3 to 4 eggs in a ground scrape. On the nesting grounds, these birds mainly eat insects and some plant material. Sanderlings are territorial, with the male aggressively defending its territory. They may either form monogamous pairs or polyandrous (one female and two male) pairings. During the winter and its migration it is most commonly found on coastal sandy beaches, but also occurs on tidal sand flats mud flats and the shores of lakes and rivers.
Pt. Reyes, CA