Pigeon Guillemot

1/1000s at f5.6, ISO:800, Canon Mark III 1Ds w/800mm

Pigeon Guillemot, a seabird of the northern Pacific. It is found along rocky coasts from Alaska to California. It spends more time close to shore than other members of the puffin family. They usually lay their eggs in rocky cavities near water, but will often nest in any available cavity including caves. Pigeon Guillemots are diurnal and lay two eggs. Because they can feed their chicks constantly throughout the day, the chicks fledge faster than equivalent sized auks that are only provisioned at night. They dive for food from the surface, swimming underwater, feeding mainly on fish and other aquatic animals, particularly sandfish, cods, capelin, and crabs. Chick diet varies slightly, with more fish than invertebrates, particularly rockfish.
Kodiak, AK