Black-headed Gull

1/2500s at f9.0, ISO:800, Canon EOS-1D X w/800mm, X 1.4 converter

The Black-headed Gull is a bold and opportunistic feeder and will eat insects, fish, seeds, worms, scraps and carrion in towns, or take invertebrates in ploughed fields with equal relish. This is a noisy species, especially in colonies, with a familiar "kree-ar" call. Its scientific name means, "laughing gull". This species takes two years to reach maturity. First-year birds have a black terminal tail band, more dark areas in the wings, and, in summer, and a less fully developed dark hood. Like most gulls, Black-headed Gulls are long-lived birds, with a maximum age of at least 32.9 years recorded in the wild.