Yellow-throated Warbler

1/4000s, f8.0, ISO 2000, Canon EOS-1D X, EF800mm f/5.6L IS USM

The yellow-throated warbler is a small migratory songbird species breeding in temperate North America. It belongs to the New World warbler family. These birds breed in southeastern North America, and their breeding ranges extend from southern Pennsylvania and northern Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico. The yellow-throated warbler is a woodland species with a preference for coniferous or swamp tree species, in which it preferably nests. They are insectivorous, but will include a considerable amount of berries and nectar in their diet outside the breeding season. Food is typically picked off tree branches directly, but flying insects may be caught in a brief hover. These birds build cup-shaped nests that are built in trees, and are concealed amongst conifer needles or Spanish moss. Their clutches consist of 3 to 5 (usually 4) eggs.
Shawnee Forest, Ohio