Yellow-headed Blackbird

1/1250s at f9.0 ISO:800, Canon Mark IV 1D w/800mm, x1.4 converter

The Yellow-headed Blackbird, is a medium-sized blackbird. Their breeding habitat is cattail marshes in North America, mainly west of the Great Lakes. The nest is built with and attached to marsh vegetation. They nest in colonies, often sharing their habitat closely with the Red-winged Blackbirds. During the breeding and nesting season the males are very territorial and spend much of their time perched on reed stalks and displaying or chasing off intruders. These birds forage in the marsh, in fields or on the ground; they sometimes catch insects in flight. They mainly eat seeds and insects. Outside of the nesting period, they often feed in flocks, often with other blackbirds. In an open cup type nest the female lays 3 to 5 eggs. Length of incubation takes 11-13 days and days to fledge:9 to 12.
Calgary, Canada