Yellow Warbler

1/320s at f8.0 ISO:800, Canon Mark IV 1D w/800mm x1.4 converter

The Yellow Warbler breeds in the whole of temperate North America as far south as central Mexico in open, often wet, woods or shrub. It is migratory, wintering in Central and South America. The breeding habitat of Yellow Warblers is typically riparian or otherwise moist land with ample growth of small trees, in particular willows. The clutch of the Yellow Warbler is 3 to 6 eggs. Incubation to hatching usually takes 11 days, but may take up to two weeks. They are brooded for an average 8 to 9 days after hatching, and leave the nest the following day or the one thereafter. Some 3 to 4 weeks after hatching, the young are fully independent of their parents. They become sexually mature at one year of age, and attempt to breed right away. The Yellow warblers feed mainly on arthropods, in particular insects and fruits.
Medicine Creek, NE