Marbled Godwit

1/2000s at f5.6, ISO:400, Canon Mark III 1Ds w/800mm

The habitat of the Marblet Godwit is the northern prairies of western Canada, the north central Great Plains, in United States near marshes or ponds. They nest on the ground, usually in short grass. In autumn, they migrate in flocks to the coasts of California, the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico and South America. These birds forage by probing on mudflats, in marshes, or at the beach. In short grass, they may pick up insects by sight. They mainly eat insects and crustaceans, but also eat parts of aquatic plants. Hunting at the end of the 19th century reduced their numbers. Although they had recovered somewhat since that time, their population has declined in recent times as suitable habitat is used for farming.
Pt. Reyes, CA