Lark Sparrow

1/2000s at f10.0, ISO:800, Canon EOS-1D X w/800mm, X 1.4 converter

This Lark Sparrow breeds in southern Canada, much of the USA, and northern Mexico. It is much less common in the east, where its range is contracting. The populations in Mexico and adjacent USA states are resident, but other birds are migratory, wintering in the southern United States, Mexico and south to Guatemala. The breeding habitat is a variety of open habitats including grasslands and cultivation. Lark Sparrows nest on the ground, laying 3-6 eggs in a grass cup nest sheltered by a clump of grass or other vegetation. Length of Incubation: 11-12 days, days to fledge: 9-10. These birds forage on the ground or in low bushes. They mainly eat seeds; insects and grasshoppers are also eaten in the breeding season. They form flocks on migration or in winter.
Medicine Creek, NE