Gray Jay

1/640s at f9.0, ISO:1250, Canon Mark IV 1D w/800mm

The Gray Jay also Grey Jay, Canada Jay, or Whiskey Jack, is a member of the crow and jay family found in the boreal forests across North America north to the tree-line and in subalpine forests of the Rocky Mountains south to New Mexico and Arizona. Gray Jays typically breed at 2 years of age. Pairs are monogamous and remain together for their lifetime, but a male or female will find another mate following the disappearance or death of their partner. Gray Jay pairs breed during March and April, depending on latitude in permanent, all-purpose territories. Second broods are not attempted, perhaps allowing greater time for food storage. Nesting typically occurs in March and April. Male Gray Jays choose a nest site in a mature coniferous tree. Clutch size is 2 to 5 eggs. Young Gray Jays leave the nest between 22 and 24 days after hatching. Juveniles reach full adult measurements within 5 months.
Calgary, Canada